West Milford is considered a recreational wonderland and is referred to as The Heart of The Highlands. The Township of West Milford is a semi-rural community on the outer fringe of the largest metropolitan area in the United States. It is located in the upper portion of Passaic County about 38 miles from New York City. West Milford has quick access to all the advantages of the city with the comfort and charm of small town living. West Milford offers the best of both worlds.

Terrain & Climate

Altitude: Due to the mountainous terrain of West Milford, the altitude varies from 504 ft. above sea level along Route 23 to 1,409 ft. above sea level at Bearfort Mountain.

Climate: West Milford’s annual average mean temperature is 40 degrees. The winter average (January) is 29 degrees, the summer average (July) is 75 degrees.

Land: West Milford is one of the largest municipalities in the state of New Jersey with approximately 80 square miles of land area. The Township is a beautiful wooded area of mountains and has over 40 lakes.