Lakeland Bank

1527 Union Valley Road
West Milford, NJ 07480

Contact Name: Ms. Rehab Elmoslemany
Telephone: (973)728-7780

Fax: (973)728-8467

Website: http://www.lakelandbank.com/

Business Description

Our longstanding tradition, combined with the latest technology, allows Lakeland Bank to offer simple hometown banking options to our customers. And recognizing that banking needs quickly change for our customers, we continue to adapt our business infrastructure to offer innovative solutions for today as well as for the future. We are proud of our 40 year history and the long-term personal relationships our colleagues have developed with customers. At many of our offices, staff members are now partners with a third generation of customers. When you bank with Lakeland Bank, you can feel confident that you have a trustworthy banking partner who is truly invested in your financial success.

Product/Services Offered

Columbia Bank

1501 Union Valley Road
West Milford, NJ 07480

Contact Name: Amy L. Lewis
Telephone: (973)728-0200
Email: alewis@columbiabankonline.com

Fax: 973-728-6384

Website: https://www.columbiabankonline.com/


Business Description

Leading the way with Financial Soundness: As the nations’ fourth largest mutual financial institution and the largest mutual bank domiciled within the State of New Jersey, we create banking relationships based on experience, financial stability and quality service. Our diverse client base includes consumers, professionals, business owners, corporations, developers, entrepreneurs and local municipal entities. You can “count on” our growing network of 44 full-service branches, supported by our team of experienced lenders and banking professionals to always satisfy your personal and business banking needs!

Product/Services Offered

Deposit Services
Lending Services
Retirement & Investment Services
Cash Management Services
Online Banking
Mobile Banking

Peter Labate Prudential

Peter 1 Peter 2

1465 Union Valley Rd
West Milford, NJ 07480

Contact Name: Peter Labate
Telephone: (973)506-7711
Email: peter.labate@prudential.com

Fax: (973)506-7713

Website: http://www.prudential.com/us/p.labate

Business Description

As a Financial Professional with Prudential, I can provide assistance on a range of financial issues – from evaluating insurance needs to helping clients meet their financial needs. I have experience in building and maintaining close client relationships, founded on the basis of trust, respect and integrity. I work tirelessly to help my clients achieve their goals.

No matter what stage of life you find yourself in, as a Prudential Financial Professional, I can help you find solutions to your financial challenges. So whether you’re ‘Just Starting Out,’ ‘Settling into Retirement,’ or somewhere in between, let’s discuss your current financial situation, goals and challenges. Together we’ll develop a strategy to help you find solutions to your financial challenges and meet your goals.

Product/Services Offered

Our process includes:
◾ Evaluating your current financial needs and goals
◾ Developing a strategy to address them
◾ Periodically reviewing your insurance needs and goals, and adjusting your strategies to help you meet your financial goals at each of your life stages
◾ Collaborative work with your professional advisors, such as your attorney and accountant

Our tools and solutions include:◾Access to Asset Protection and Risk Management
◾ Life Insurance
◾ Disability Income Insurance
◾ Long-Term Care Insurance
◾ Property and Casualty Insurance
Investment and Retirement Planning Needs◾ Annuities
◾ IRAs and Educational IRAs
◾ Mutual Funds
◾Managed Money Accounts
Business Planning Needs◾Business Continuation Funding
◾ Executive Compensation Funding
◾ Key Person Insurance

It makes good sense to establish a long-term relationship with a Prudential Financial Professional because we have a reputation for integrity and value. In fact, we touch the lives of millions of people who depend on us to help them meet their financial challenges.

Insurance and Financial Services to Reach Your Goals