Crevina Landscaping LLC.

21 Cleveland drive
West Milford, NJ 07480

Contact Name: Mark Crevina
Telephone: (973)934-0276
Email: crevinalandscaping@gmail.com

Website: http://www.crevinalandscaping.com


Business Description

Crevina Landscaping LLC. is a family-owned and operated landscape and design company specializing in custom paver patios and outdoor living spaces. We are based right here in beautiful West Milford, NJ. Since the start of our company in 2012 we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. As a fully licensed and insured business, we have a fully trained and professional staff that allows us to offer you the best services in our area at un-beatable prices. We take pride in all of our work whether it is residential or commercial properties. Always striving to do better is our number one philosophy. We currently are enrolled in Horticulture and Landscape classes at The County College of Morris and attend The Annual NJ Turf Grass Expo. We do all of this so we can stay up to date on everything in our industry and to always improve our services. Let Crevina Landscaping take care of all your landscaping needs and let us make your dream yard become a reality.

Product/Services Offered

The Services We Offer Are:
Lawn Maintenance
Custom Patios and Walkways
Retaining Walls
Custom Firepits
Outdoor Living Space
Outdoor Landscape Lighting
Irrigation Systems
Licensed Fertilizer Applicator
Spring and Fall Clean-ups
Tree and Shrub Trimming
Bobcat and Excavation Services
Design and Planting
Mulch/ Topsoil Delivery and Installation
Brush Removal
Snow Plowing
Firewood Sales and Delivery
And Much Much More

Optional Information: Mention finding us through the West Milford Chamber of Commerce when you call and receive 15% off any first job.

Signorino Contractors, LLC

3 Red Barn Lane
West MIlford, NJ 07480

Contact Name: Lou Signorino
Telephone: (973)296-8214
Email: signorinoco@gmail.com

Fax: (973)545-2522

Business Description

Small family business, doing work in the North Jersey regional area. All work is through referrals and networking

Product/Services Offered

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial
General contracting, sub-contracting
Additions, Rehabs, commercial tenant fit-outs, property maintenance (signage repairs, parking lot repairs, shopping center repairs), structural repairs, etc.
Interior- kitchens, baths, wood floors, cabinetry, carpentry, millwork, tiles, stonework, wood framing, metal stud framing, sheetrock, drop ceilings, etc.
Exterior- pavement, patios, walkways, retainer walls, excavation, footings, foundations, curbs, drainage, decks, gazebos, sheds, garages, porches, siding, chimneys, roofs, stucco, etc.

Ridgetop Builders

PO Box 170
West Milford, NJ 07480

Contact Name: Rea Wundrack Lippner
Telephone: (973)728-7944
Email: ridgetopbldrs@optonline.net

Fax: 973-728-7144

Website: http://www.ridgetopbuildersnj.com

Business Description

From “ Dream to Reality” was experienced by us first hand when we decided to build a new home for our family. Being in the construction and Real Estate business there were many opportunities to purchase an existing home or build a traditional stick built home that somewhat fit our needs but never quite captured our hearts until Lindal caught our eyes. We found that Lindal Cedar Homes offered the design flexibility, high quality materials, appreciation of the environment enhanced by the walls of insulated glass and western red cedar and the apparent Lindal family pride in their product was exactly what we were dreaming of! Now it is our pleasure to help others fulfill their dream!

Product/Services Offered

Independent distributor of Lindal Cedar Homes and Sunroom Additions. General Contracting and Project Management Site work; excavation, septics, grading, clearing, new construction, drainage, retaining walls, trenching for water and sewer lines Licensed NJ Realtor Certified Green Professional with NAHB

Sentry Termite & Pest Control

10 Bracken Road
West Milford, NJ 07480

Contact Name: JoAnn TenHoeve
Telephone: (973)697-7979

Fax: 973-697-2545

Website: http://www.sentrytermite.com/

Business Description

We are a full service pest control company that also completes structural repair. Family owned and operated. Have been in business in West Milford since 1978. Free estimates. Call us today!

Product/Services Offered

Termites, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, Rodents, Bees/Wasps, Cave Crickets, Four Seasons Programs, Fleas. Full service pest control company including repair and maintenance.

Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating

21 Union Valley Rd
Newfoundland, NJ 0435

Contact Name: Mr. Mark Lindsay
Telephone: (973)728-8900
Email: info@marklindsayplumbing.com

Fax: (973)728-5409

Website: http://www.marklindsayplumbing.com


Business Description

John Lindsay and Son Plumbing and Heating was founded in 1962 by John Lindsay. John had strong roots in the community, and provided his expertise to many satisfied customers, who are still clients today. In 1993, Mark Lindsay, who worked with his father John for more than 15 years/ took over the business with an eye for the technical advancements in the industry, and improving the quality of service to the company’s most important asset…, the customer. As a full service company, Mark Lindsay and Son offers the customer quality service at a fair price, and at the customer’s convenience. We perform work that will save you money, including; water treatment solutions to save your plumbing system from costly repairs, and much, much more. Operating a dependable service business requires organization, knowledgeable management and a substantial capital investment, You see only the service technician who comes to your home or business. The quality of their service depends on four things…. His knowledge, skill and schooling; The necessary people who train, schedule/ route and supply him, including telephone operators, dispatchers, training specialists, warehousemen, parts personnel, clerks, and administrators; Sizable investment in state-of-the-art computerized shop and warehouse facilities, trucks, equipment, tools and replacement parts; Quality Control of All Operations to Satisfy Customer’s Needs.

Product/Services Offered

Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Sewer & Drain Cleaning, Well Pumps, Water Conditioning & Filtration, Heat Load Calculations.

Garey and Son Maintenance Co. Inc.

17 Eisenhower Drive
West Milford, NJ 07480

Contact Name: Ken Garey
Telephone: (973)728-9564
Email: kengarey@gareyandson.com

Fax: 973-728-4304

Website: http://gareyandson.com

Business Description

Garey and Son Maintenance has been in business for over 43 years. We are a commercial cleaning company servicing the northern New Jersey area.

Product/Services Offered

Office cleaning, medical and dental office cleaning, church cleaning, floor stripping and waxing. Daily, weekly or monthly service.

Coppola Services Inc.

28 Executive Parkway
Ringwood, NJ 07456

Contact Name: Mr. J Coppola
Telephone: (800)274-6279
Email: customerservice@coppolaservices.com

Website: http://www.coppolaservices.com

Business Description

Coppola Services has been providing responsible wastewater management since 1958. Be assured that the wastewater collected from your home is going to be safely and responsibly handled by trained and licensed professionals.

Product/Services Offered

BSE Mechanical

52 Tintle Avenue
West Milford, NJ 07480

Contact Name: Mr. & Mrs. Eckhardt
Telephone: (973)728-0765
Email: bsemechanical@optonline.net

Fax: (973) 728-1665

Website: http://www.bsemechanical.com


Business Description

BSE Mechanical is owned and operated by Brian and Stacy Eckhardt. In May of 2004 they got started with one truck, a few clients, and a dream of building a plumbing and heating company different from all others. Brian wanted to set himself apart from other companies, but how? Other plumbing and heating companies buy trucks and hire under paid, inexperienced men to fill the seats and get the work done. But Brian knew that if he did this, the quality of work would deteriorate, customers would complain and he would be just another plumber. As time went on, BSE formed a reputation far beyond ever expected. If you are looking for a knowledgeable company with a broad range options from energy efficient heating systems to the finest plumbing fixtures BSE Mechanical should be your choice. So if you are building a new house, renovating your old one or you just want to change that old faucet, give us a call.

Product/Services Offered