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Columbia Bank

1501 Union Valley Road
West Milford, NJ 07480

Contact Name: Amy L. Lewis
Telephone: (973)728-0200
Email: alewis@columbiabankonline.com

Fax: 973-728-6384

Website: https://www.columbiabankonline.com/


Business Description

Leading the way with Financial Soundness: As the nations’ fourth largest mutual financial institution and the largest mutual bank domiciled within the State of New Jersey, we create banking relationships based on experience, financial stability and quality service. Our diverse client base includes consumers, professionals, business owners, corporations, developers, entrepreneurs and local municipal entities. You can “count on” our growing network of 44 full-service branches, supported by our team of experienced lenders and banking professionals to always satisfy your personal and business banking needs!

Product/Services Offered

Deposit Services
Lending Services
Retirement & Investment Services
Cash Management Services
Online Banking
Mobile Banking