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West Milford Presbyterian Church

1452 Union Valley Rd
West Milford, NJ 07480

Contact Name: Rev. Dr. Janet Macgregor-Williams
Telephone: (973)728-0369
Email: wmpchurch@gmail.com

Fax: 973-728-0369

Website: http://www.wmpchurch.org/

Business Description

West Milford Presbyterian Church is called by God to work
to fulfill the mission of his son, Jesus Christ.:

This calling is our guide to minister to one another by:

* promoting and engaging in purposeful and meaningful worship

*teaching and witnessing to foster our mutual spiritual growth

*reaching out to each other in a caring and nurturing fellowship

*engaging ourselves in the on-going life of the church.

And to our community by:
* reaching out in our ministry to welcome and include the community

* engaging ourselves in the life of the community in ways that share our vision with the community

* working with the community to extend the Good News and grow in faith.

Product/Services Offered