Dear Business Partner, 

On behalf of the West Milford Chamber of Commerce, its board of Directors and fellow community business owners, we want to wish you and your business a healthy and fruitful 2020. 

As we enter 2020 we look forward to a new year with a renewed sense of optimism for our local businesses. The West Milford Chamber of Commerce joins you in these efforts with a commitment to continue our dedicated support of your business and we look forward to working with you in the new year.

We have a wonderful community with lots of hard working, dedicated business owners and I personally look forward to working together and mind sharing to help grow our businesses and to also strengthen our local community. As a local business owner heading into our 17th year I have seen many ups and downs and feel like I have a good knowledge of our community. I very much look forward to taking on the position of President and intend to give it my very best effort. Your success is our community’s success, together we can grow in many bountiful ways. 

Each year at this time we renew our $100.00 annual membership. Dues are then reinvested in efforts to promote local business through a variety of outlets. It starts with our website and carries through to printed business directories and ongoing publications in local newspapers. Each year the board looks to new and emerging trends as to how to best capture interest and Support for Local Business. This year we aim to strengthen our partnership with the Town Administration in an effort to explore new and innovative ways to better support our businesses and our community. 

We hope to bring you some great and informative talks, workshops, and networking events. I highly recommend you attend the meeting and events. The board is comprised of dedicated and passionate volunteers so your attendance to the meetings truly means a lot. There is great strength in numbers and I believe we can achieve a lot if we all come together.

To renew by mail, please make a check for $100.00 payable to the West Milford Chamber of Commerce and mail it to 1614-O Union Valley Rd, PMB 500 West Milford, NJ 07480 by March 1st. 

In an effort to afford all of our participating businesses the opportunity to learn of the chambers ongoing tasks, this year the chamber has elected to hold bi-monthly meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. 

The West Milford Chamber of Commerce looks forward to joining you in a successful year of business. 


Shawn Reams, President [North Jersey Guitar & Music Center]

Debbie Johnson, Vice President [The UPS Store]

Memberships Application

The membership fee of $100  is from January to December each year. The fee must be submitted before you can be considered for membership. Once your application is received, our Board of Directors will review the application and vote. You will be notified as soon as possible of the outcome. It may take up to 2 weeks.

Make check out to West Milford Chamber Of Commerce.

Mail check or drop off at:
West Milford Chamber Of Commerce
1614- O Union Valley Rd.
West Milford, NJ  07480